WaldLing Outdoor Workshops 2017

WaldLing – Workshop will free your mind and strengthen your body to build up your quality of living and maintenance your health. You will disconnect from modern city and reconnect to nature in unique landscape of wildlife reserve Märkische Schweiz. Traditional shamanic practices and specially developed exercise will recover you from daily struggle and prevent you from burnout. You will boost healthy living through body movement and mind relaxation, traditional herbs, green smoothies and good food. Together in teamwork we will experience transformation and regeneration for more pleasure, positive energy and our future daily life creation.

Short Preview

Friday from 4 pm is arriving and cozy together at the camp fire: We get to know each other, prepare the food together, and will deal with the whole course of the weakend. We will also talk about what brings us to the weekend and what we expect and reach for ourselves personally.

What are our expectations?
What is our current situation?
What do we want to change?
What do we want to leave behind?


The special holy fire and sweatlodge on Saturday this time have the focus on letting and throwing ballast and all that we no longer want and we do not need any more. Injuries that prevent us from opening or bad experiences with people or situations, stress, unfortunate constellations, general obstacles or special obstacles that always strike us, and which we seem to be unable to get rid of or be a farewell to one "Hamster-wheel" or "thought-loops" that burden us ... All we want no more, we will deliver from us. We will be free for new! If you do not have your shaker from the last time and can not bring it, that's not so bad, you get a new one.


On Sunday: after our barefoot forest walk and a ZEN meditation in the forest follow the construction of a bullroarer: after the breakfast and our reflections, we will build a tool so that we can connect with nature and the good spirits, companion and protector and which helps us to be able to find us and our equilibrium even during our everyday life and the associated challenges. This bullroarer, which everyone will build for himself, will then accompany us into our everyday life, and our spiritual helpers will be called whenever we need them. Everyone will build his own! It is carved.

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20 to 22 April | Registration until April 10. 2018

18 to 20 of May | Registration until 30.05.2018

03 to 05 August | Registration until 15 July 2018

28 to 30 September | Registration until 15 September 2018

19 to 21 October | Registration until 05. October 2018

We are exited to meet you!