Program notes for the workshop WaldLing - Fire & Bullroarer -

1) arrival and getting to know each other

  • We start the workshop at 10 o'clock in the morning with our arrival, the site inspection, the connection from the campsite and an introductory round. 

2) the fire

  • The first element of the workshop will be to make fire yourself. What does it take for a fire? How do we prepare for it? What possibilities are there to create fire? We will deal with the topic and the meaning of the fire. 

3) reflection on personal inner desires and upcoming projects Preparation for  

    the bullroarer:

  • at first we will turn to our inner issues and wishes and tune in on our personal bullroarer. Everyone will carve their own bullroarer! We will continue the construction on Sunday until we are finished.

4) Introduction to the subject of wood chips:

  • What's this? Where does it come from? What does it mean in the cultural diversity in which we find it? Here you will get basic theoretical knowledge about the subject of Schwirrholzer. 

5) Building the Bullroarer:     

  • knowledge about wood species and wood processing    
  • selecting the wood for our bullroarer   
  • carving blanks with ax and knife | Instructions for using different axes and knives     
  • molding blanks | edit and grind     
  • prepare blanks with a string and try them out

6) decorate & paint the bullroarer

  • on sunday, we will decorate and paint the bullroarer. There are various possibilities that we can try out. 

7) inauguration of the bullroarer:

  •  incense ceremony for the inauguration of the bullroarer - gifts to the forest creatures and deities

8) reflection round and farewell ritual 

number of participants: maximum 9 persons

What you should bring with you:

  • bring clothes that can get dirty, weatherproof clothing & sturdy shoes
  • sleeping bag and what else you need for sleeping in the tent
  • weather permitting, you can swim in the small lake on site